Afri Publishing is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and quality in the articles we publish. Peer review is an essential part of this process, ensuring that the articles we accept for publication meet these standards. This document outlines the article review procedure and guidelines for reviewers.

Peer Review Process

  1. Invitation and Acceptance:
    • Reviewers will receive an invitation to review an article via email from the Afri Publishing editorial team. The invitation will include the article title, abstract, and a link to access the full manuscript.
    • Reviewers who accept the invitation will be provided with access to the full article and any supplementary materials.
  2. Conflicts of Interest:
    • Reviewers should promptly declare any conflicts of interest that may affect their ability to provide an unbiased review. Conflicts of interest may include personal, professional, or financial connections to the author(s) or their work.
  3. Reviewing Process:
    • Reviewers are expected to evaluate the article based on its originality, relevance, methodology, clarity, and contribution to the field.
    • Reviewers should provide constructive feedback to help the author(s) improve the quality and clarity of their work.
    • Reviewers should also assess the ethical aspects of the submission, ensuring that it adheres to research and publication ethics standards.
  4. Review Comments:
    • Reviewers should use the Afri Publishing review form or platform to submit their comments and recommendations.
    • Reviewers may recommend one of the following decisions:
      • Accept: The article is suitable for publication as is.
      • Minor Revision: The article requires minor revisions before publication.
      • Major Revision: The article requires significant revisions and should be re-evaluated after revisions.
      • Reject: The article is not suitable for publication in its current form.
  1. Timeliness:
    • Reviewers are encouraged to complete their reviews within the agreed-upon timeframe, typically within 4-6 weeks. If more time is needed, reviewers should promptly communicate this to the editorial team.
  2. Confidentiality:
    • Reviewers should treat the articles they review as confidential documents and should not disclose, discuss, or share the content with others without permission from the editorial team.
  3. Final Recommendation:
    • Reviewers' recommendations will be considered by the Afri Publishing editorial team when making a final decision on the article. The editorial team may seek additional reviews if necessary.

Ethical Considerations

Reviewers should pay attention to the following ethical considerations when reviewing articles for Afri Publishing:

  • Avoid any form of plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, or misrepresentation of data or sources in the reviewed article.
  • Ensure that the article properly acknowledges and cites sources that have contributed to or supported the research.
  • Report any concerns about ethical misconduct or research integrity to the editorial team.


Afri Publishing greatly values the contributions of our reviewers in maintaining the quality and integrity of our published articles. We appreciate your dedication to the peer review process and your commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in academic publishing.

For any questions or concerns related to the review process, please contact the Afri Publishing editorial team at

Thank you for your valuable contributions to the scholarly community.